All Purpose Bike for mountains and harescramles?

Hey, I could use some help on the topic of what to buy:

I am 32 and rode loads as a kid on a Kwaker 125 MX bike around thh farm and woods, but then did almost no offroad riding for 12 years.

I am now coming back to dirt biking having just completed a 3 day enduro in morocco (450 KTM rental) and have the bug again big time.

I have just heard about Hare Scrambles and Uk light Enduro events and am keen to get involved (cant believe I have only just heard about these!Damn years lost!). I also have brother in law (to be) with a farm in in Scottish Highlands and we are going riding this summer. Going to try and get to the top of some very big hills, so some pretty technical riding. Not really trails, more single track and virgin ground.

I am 6'3 and 100 kilos, so not small...

I want a bike I can take up a mountain which can hold some ground against a trials bike (appreciate not easily done), but which I can equally take to ride in Hare Scrambles and maybe the occasaional attempt at an Enduro. The riding in Scotland is probably my priority of the two.

Budget is around £1-3K, but could be more, ideally not though as getting married this year so money is tight. Dont mind looking at older bikes.

I have looked the Scorpa T-Ride but cant find any for sale.

The KTM Freeride looks pretty good, but expensive and small for a guy my size

Sherco X-Ride - looks new and expensive?

Look forward to hearing your ideas!


ps ithink a 2 stroke is too loud to enter quite a few events so prob better to get a 4 stroke?

2 strokes are often quieter than 4 strokes unless you get the air cooled kind like a XR or TTR. The higher pitched sound also carries less distance than the low brown note of the 4 stroke.

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Ok thanks, that helps. Any idea on what bike?

For your size and having a tighter budget, I would definitely go with a 250 - 300 2 stroke. You'll definitely want a more off road oriented bike and KTM has really been dominating the market. MX bikes can be set up to your liking, but you have to keep in mind the extra cost to do so. Husky also makes some pretty good bikes and are a bit cheaper than a KTM

Ok thanks, any recommended models?

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