Cracked handlebar stabilizer

Hey guys

I dumped my bike ('10 SM) yesterday on a gravel road, luckily no injuries and just some scratched fairings, twisted handlebars and a cracked/bent stabilizer (rectangular deal where the keyswitch is mounted).

I'm wondering if I can just do away with the stabilizer?

Could I just replace with these?

Or should I go with one of these:

Only issue I see with the SX stabilizer is I'd have to relocate the keyswitch as it seems the bolt holes are recessed rather than flush with the surface.

Hoping someone else has run into this and could give some advice



You can relocate your key switch to the upper fork pinch bolt, they are the same size. The stabilizer must be useful in some way so I would replace it, the early DRZ's didn't have them.

Highway Dirtbikes also makes some interesting ones.


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