hello in need of some help !!!! i dropped a shim down by stator i recovered it but stupid me forgot to look at the crankshaft timing mark ( clutch side) i took out my index bolt (thick copper washer bolt) for TDC and i was told that there is a gap in there for me to take off my copper washer in thread that bolt into the hole, but the gap is not big enough. So i took out my spark plug looked for TDC ( top dead center) and with my eye it seemed to land on a line in there? is this right? so i put it the bolt in the middle of that line ( finger tight) just wondering what is TDC or did the crankshaft timing move when i took at my camshaft ?? Please someone give me help

If your talking about the hex head that locks the crank tdc you should be able to thread it all the way in after you take off the washer, you'll know by looking through the spark plug hole if its up of not, also lightly try to turn the motor over with the kick start using your hand if it won't budge your good, then you can check your timing marks on the cams

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