UK motorcycle luggage : What's legal?

I've just seen a great picture of a DR350 with a mountain bike carrying rack on the back of it. To some this might seem daft / dangerous but I enjoy mountain biking and motorbiking, but the nearest decent trails for the mountain bike are a lot further than pedalling distance but within easy reach of my DR. I don't have a car anymore as I got sick of paying sky high insurance for something which I no longer need as I've moved right next to work no and cycle / motorbike everywhere else, but I miss taking the mountain bike to north wales / the lake district.

I could knock up a rack like the one I saw to carry the mountain bike with the wheels off, which weighs very little and I can't see a problem other than the fact it might not be legal..

I can't find any regulations on luggage carrying on motorbikes - has anyone else looked into this?

Here's the one I saw, to me it looks like a great solution - to the police it might not..rack1.jpg

Why not talk to your local police?

Tis' better to ask for forgivness than ask for permission.

Tis' better to ask for forgivness than ask for permission.

Not in Amerika it's not. No idea what the UK police are like.

UK police depends what mood they're in. I once went for a ride down at a quarry with a few guys on none road legal bikes, Mine was the only one plated. They still rode there and back on the road and as we where leaving a police van drove towards us, checked his watch and drove past - I guess he didn't fancy chasing down 3 dirt bikes on country roads at tea time on a sunday!

One thing got me thinking today, a guy was riding past on the other side of the road before on one of those Vespas with the most mirrors I have ever seen stuck to a bike - far more hazardous than carrying an mtb on the back, they never get stopped for that.

I'll check at the police station sometime though, see if any of them know. I wouldn't chance it before though. I had my first ever motorbike conviscated because a police officer didn't beleive I was insured - despited having my policy details written down for him to check. He said it wasn't showing up on the database.. I enjoyed going into the station the next day with my insurance certificate though and asking them to read it then explain why my bike was taken...

But after that though, I'm not taking any chances.

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