Base gasket still leaking after replacement - video!1!1!

Did the top end, had the jug sleeved ect. ect. We originally took the bike apart to replace the base gasket then just ended up doing a top end anyways. If I hadn't seen the coolant at the base here, I never would of known. Im to the point where I might just get some copper sealer sealant and paste it on both sides of the gasket and see what happens.

The bike rips with the new top end btw.

After sitting and looking at the bike for a moment, I realized that it may have at some point been in fairly big wreck. For the life of me I could not get the top engine mount back on after taking it off the first time, or the second time today. I had to drill out holes on the mounting bracket. Then I realized that the mounting point for the engine mount was right above the area that was leaking on the bike. Correlation? Hard to say... But definitely worth noting. Unless somebody else has a plausible reason as to why this would happen...

But in some hi temp copper seal and Im keeping my fingers crossed.

my 03 that i had was a pain to get the top head stay bolts on.. i found, just loosen up the engine mounting bolts then put everything in place, then torque it all down. seemed to help it a lot.

with aligning the head stay bolts i mean. about the leaking base gasket. the cylinder base or cases must be damaged or warped. maybe try using hondabond? but i dont know how long it will last.

I wonder how long it will hold : / I used a copper sealant that is high temp. Ive heard pretty good things about it. Ordered another head gaseket. I didn't check to see if the bottom of the jug was true when I took it off dang it. I should of.

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