Honda 2002 XR200R Timing Chain Guides com?

Howdy folks,

First of all just wanted to say whats a great site here and am happy to be pat of it..~

Ok heres my question i bought a 2002 XR200R

ya its in rough shape and all and doesnt run the timings out alot..

i checked the timing chain is sloppy and its worn.

And the guides are broken and cracked..

anyways what im wondering is

What other timing chain guides from other honda Motor cycles or Honda ATC will fit?

i do have few older honda trike parts motors ,,one is a 200 e and the other is a 185

didnt really want to rip them apart for the timing chain guides but i may have to ,,,

Also will any of the headgaskets work to?

Im on a strict budget trying to save a few pennys but still trying to have a lil fun too!

Anyways if anyone knows the following let me know i cant wait to take out the XR200R

also how important is the decomp on this bike? that important or can a guy get away with

not hooking it up like on some old trike motors?


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Hello Thumpitt.......

The guides are cheap. Check out partzilla. If the ATC is a 200 and a 2 valve then the guides will probably work. Also the 185 may do the trick. Check out partzilla and do a cross reference on the part will tell you what other years and models it will work on.

A complete gasket kit in NZ will cost me about $ 24.00 and it would be cheaper in the States. a must. Chuck recently posted that it will put strain on the kickstart without it and I would have to agree.

If it has it try to stick with it and use it.

Good luck and welcome.

Decomp is very important because the kick start was designed for a low compression 125, replacing kicker gears and/or ratchet requires splitting the cases. I will not buy a XR200 without a functioning compression release for two reasons:

1. The potential damage to the kicker mechanism, which is expensive to fix. First to go is usually the ratchet.

2. It indicates an owner who doesn't understand, which probably means other maintenance and operational issues.

The two chain sliders are used in 52 different models/years; ATC185/200, XL185/200, TLR200, XR185/200 (except RFVC engines).

The timing chain is used in 68 different models/years, all of the above plus; TR200 and TRX200.

Hey thanks for your help that widens the search alot!

also do i need to pull the motor from the frame to take the head off or is there enough room to change the guides with the motor in the bike?

Thanks again folkz


Ya good point about having the decomp hooked up i will see i can still use it ...

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Thanks chuck

I have one more question

will a 1982 HONDA ATC 200E TRIKE VALVE COVER with rockers and decompression lever fit on the head of my 2002 XR200R?

Not the whole head just the rockers and and valve cover?

The reason i ask is i would like to elimnate the decmpression cable setup and have it manual by hand ...And basically i dont want to buy one or find one ...


Honda machines the cam bearing journals with the cover on the head and sells then as a matched set. So mixing covers and heads may create cam bearing clearance issues.

I've owned British 500 singles with manual compression releases and XRs with the manual override levers and nothing beats the Honda automatic compression release, IMO it is the best. The XR200 release only operates during the first 1/4 swing of the kick lever, when the kicker gets almost horizontal the release deactivates. If the kick was started at the top then at that point the crank is spinning fast enough to get thru a compression stroke.

ya thanks but still wonder if i can change ot over to manual decomp even just the decomp lever and the guts of it to the XR cover..that way i can use the same cover and cam ect..

Iwill have to look at it more closelyl I need this bike up and running ASAP!

If that doesnt work im gonna plant a trike motor in it! lol

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