Does anyone have info on the stacks inside their Akit stuff.

I have read threads etc but seems very long winded reading through. surely someone has had suspension valved by top tuners, 3 companies and looked at what they got.

I have 2008 style A-kit from 2010 CRF. BUT ONLY EVER FIND STACKS ON HERE FOR OEM STUFF.

Any info guys.

i would have thought every a-kit will be valved specifically for the rider they were intended for, so each setup induvidual. you could start with a baseline and work from there?

i would have thought every a-kit will be valved specifically for the rider they were intended for, so each setup induvidual. you could start with a baseline and work from there?

It is currently set for supercross AMA PRO RIDER.


180lb 22 year old local amature intermediate to expert level.

Front springs now .47 rear 5.4

Do you have it apart already? Post whats in it most will chime in so you can adjust it. Note it will probally always be a tad harsher in square edge and smaller chop because those tubes are much larger diameter.. Unless your fast and heavier than you say..




Springs: .49kg

PS Springs: OEM

Oil Height: 400cc

Comp: 12

Reb: 8

Spring Seats: SX Seats

BaseValve: PC

Count O.D. Thickness

9 30 x 0.15

2 29 x 0.15

1 28 x 0.15

1 26 x 0.15

1 25 x 0.15

1 24 x 0.15

1 23 x 0.15

1 22 x 0.20


Count O.D. Thickness

1 16 x 0.15

1 15 x 0.15

1 14 x 0.15

1 13 x 0.15

1 12 x 0.15

1 11 x 0.20


Count O.D. Thickness

7 22 x 0.15

2 20 x 0.15

1 18 x 0.15

1 16 x 0.15

1 14 x 0.15

4 12 x 0.15

Collar 2.85

Float = 0.5


Count O.D. Thickness

3 21 x 0.10

1 19 x 0.10

1 13 x 0.10

1 17 x 0.10

1 15 x 0.10

1 13 x 0.10

1 11 x 0.10

1 10 x 0.10

1 9 x 0.10


Shock PC SX

Spring: 5.4kg

Sag: ?

Nitro: 150psi





Comp PC

Count O.D. Thickness

12 44 x 0.20

1 30 x 0.15

1 42 x 0.20

2 40 x 0.25

1 38 x 0.30

1 36 x 0.30

1 34 x 0.30

1 32 x 0.30

1 30 x 0.30

1 26 x 0.25

1 25 x 0.25

1 24 x 0.25

1 23 x 0.25

1 22 x 0.30

Reb PC

Count O.D. Thickness

6 40 x 0.20

1 30 x 0.12 x-over

1 40 x 0.30

1 38 x 0.30

1 36 x 0.30

1 34 x 0.30

1 32 x 0.30

1 30 x 0.30

1 28 x 0.30

1 26 x 0.30

1 25 x 0.30

Wow those are some gnarly stacks, im sure a few others will chime in but itll be much softer if you reduce shim thickness overall instead of a .15 use a .10...

The BV will be the same as any 47mm fork.. Something like

30x.10 (15)











"low speed valve"

16x.10 (10)






Then the MSV will be basically the same too but with a slightly larger o.d. this is what most showa kit forks come with.

22x.1 3


17x.1 3

(9mm od shim under 6 id 8 od 2mm length slide collar).30 float.

The Showa kit forks for outdoor usually have a spring tube (which Pro Circuit basically made a copy of to sell) The SX perches will be too restrictive for MX so you will unfortunately have to buy some spring tubes (and run the oil height 350cc) If you can't afford/find some spring can drill/mill out the sx spring perches and run a lower oil height..say 360-370. It will still be pretty harsh.. so you might want to increase float some as another band aid fix.

Forgot to mention too.. If you are running 2008 intended forks on a 2010 you are going to have to compensate for the longer travel (about 20mm if I remember correctly) You can run the forks much higher in the clamps but be prepared for your front wheel to slam the fender.

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