Single Track Trail Building Days May 4-5


The BLM is going to add another 8.5 miles of Single Track in the Book Cliffs outside of Grand Junction (May 4-5). When I talked with the BLM Ranger (an avid dirt biker) he told me that they have good participitation from Mountain Bikers and Hikers, but poor representation by Dirt Bikers. If you enjoy good single track this is an opportunity to put your "thumbprint" on some in one of the few areas that is still expanding the trail system. The details are in the link that is in the letter below. I can not help on that weekend but if anyone is available please support your sport by building some Single Track. This is awsome terrain for more trails!


Thanks for your follow up on the trail work. Here is a link to the project signup that will give many of the details, https://fw.civicore....iew2&fwID=20762 We are building 8 miles of motorized single track that will contour around the top of the Bookcliffs. This single track will provide for longer loop opportunities. It is all hand built, with tools that is, VOC provides tools, leadership, and food. It will be hard work but rewarding and the sooner its built the sooner we can all ride it. We need people to sign up ASAP for logistics of food, trail crew leaders and tools. Let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Jones

Park Ranger

BLM, Grand Junction Field Office


Thanks, CoKTM (Lee)

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You should also post this on KTM Talk and AdvRider, if you have not already.

I did post on KTMTalk but I do not ever log into AdvRider. If someone can copy the post over there I would appreciate it.

Thanks, CoKTM

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I did post on KTMTalk but I do not ever log into AdvRider. If someone can copy the post over there I would appreciate it.

Thanks, CoKTM

Posted on Adv rider, thanks for the head up on this.

Thanks for posting on AdvRider!


Happens this coming weekend!


I seldom get that far west, but I really appreciate your efforts.


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