Rear Shock Preload

I am just replacing my rear shock spring with the correct one for my weight.

Where is the best place to start with preload rings? Is the middle of the threaded section the best option?

Just after a good guide of where to set it while its off the bike, as it is quite difficult to adjust once the bike is back together, very slow going with the hammer and punch.

I think you could pickup a wrench for under $15... Might save you some time :)

Borrowed a C SPanner and got that sorted.

Next question though, how do I get the spring retainer off the bottom of the shock?

Have seen a few vids where the retainer has a slot so you can imply slide it off, but this is a solid piece.

Do I need to unscrew the bottom of the shock off the shaft?


Edited by thorns_nz

Perfect, thankyou kawahama :thumbsup:

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