4/20 after Seattle supercross hit n run


trying to find info on a random person that thinks its ok to ram a beat up truck

this is about principle, not money or insurance.

you just shouldn't F with somebody's ride

so after some googling, frame by frame of the original and tips from a reddit user i think the truck was very similar to this, or the same gen with a non dually rear end. so that narrows it down to a 97-02 dodge ram SLT 1500 or 2500 (most likely a 1500 as its missing the door badges) 4x4 grey or silver. looks alot like this pic minus the dually rear end.


does have rear doors, but no handles on em on the outside.

pretty sure it was this type of bed, lights , shape, and strength... matches up


big thanks to all who are keeping a eye peeled

What a F-ing &%$#@!!!!

Sent it on to get jesse at king5. You might want to do the same with your personal info. getjesse@king5.com

Thank you!

Ive sent fb messages and as of last night emails to all the local stations. My contact info is at the end of the video and messages from anywhere it's posted send me a e-mail. I will send a follow up to jesse and let him know I have the raw footage. Thanks again

Hope you catch the prick.

Looks like a short box flat bed, which you don't see as often. Hopefully makes him easier to identify.

Good luck.

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