FMF Turbinecore2 Spark Arrestor.. seeking advice/fix

If any 1 has knowledge about this silencer please reply to this..

This silencer is almost brand new and they do sell a end cap for 30$ with two new rivets but what about the short tube being loose inside?? The turbine ( spark arrestor) isn't loose just the end cap/short tube inside.

Wont let me upload video send me info and I'll share video will explain a lot easier

mine did the exact same thing, I ended up selling it like that though.

you didn't feel like messing with the rivets? :banghead: Any1 help?

The rivets hold that piece too. The short tube flange fits inside the end cap then the end cap fits inside the silencer housing. Three sets of holes for the rivets. Silencer, end cap and short exhaust tube. Kind of fun lining it all up so the rivets will go through! I put my new end cap on upside down because of beer! Next day,remove rivets, remove end cap and high temp sealant without denting it, start all over! Sometimes I crack myself up! Not really!

Sweet!! Glad to know that there is a fix & I'm not throwing 150$ plus shipping away. Will Update :worthy: you alcoholic lol

I can't seem to get the rivet to grab the short tube. Thinking I'm gonna have to try a thin washer that's just big enough for the rivet to fit through. I may need a bigger rivet too.

mine did the exact same thing, I ended up selling it like that though.

On eBay? I probably bought it. Lol

Ever consider calling FMF? I would think you could send it back to them and they would fix it right up.


No, I sold the bike with it on there.

Had great luck with the fix this mourning two 3/16 rivets,rivet gun,High temp Silicone and drill bit handled the job. Did not have 3 sets of holes to line up on the end cap kinda make me worry because on some KDX forums I've seen this same pipe took apart and there are also sets of holes you gotta line up, on mine it was just end cap holes lined up with the canister ( none on the inner 2-3 inch tube so the rivet heads have to hold inner tube (not turbinecore in canister) from rattling really didn't like this about the product being that's it's new.

upside down because of beer! Good to hear I'm not the only one.

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