Valve Job

I have a 2001 YZF426 which has the titanium valves. I just finished doing a complete engine rebuild with the added auto decompression Hot Cams which I am pumped about. My question is, I am putting new valves and springs in it and dont have the money to put all new titanium valves in it so I was going to put 2000 model Stainless valves and 2000 model springs in it. Will the different springs/valves wear different on the lobes of my new cams since it is for the 2001 426? Maybe a stupid question but just wondering. Thank you.

your cams never touch the valve itself,it runs on the shim then the bucket so your cams are running on the same metal as if you had titanium valves.

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Thank you so much for your help. I love this site. Any reasons why I should not use titanium valves other than longevity? The bike is not raced, just a

weekend rider on trail and sometime track.

price is a good reason.

Thank you for your help etuke. It is much appreciated.

The cams won't touch the valves, but in order to use the stainless valves from an '00 model (and I would, if it were mine), you need the heavier valve springs from the '00 to go with them. The heavier springs will put more pressure on the cam lobes. It' OK, though since the engine was originally designed for that. As long as none of the lifters are worn significantly on top, you should be OK.

Thank you for your help greyracer. Is it necessary to replace the valve guides everytime I replace the valves or is it only if they are in bad shape? Thanks.

It's almost never necessary to replace the guides on bucket tappet engines because there's never any side loading of the stem. They should always be checked, of course, but they will rarely need new ones.

Awesome. Thank you for your help greyracer. I can see you are well respected on the forum so I feel confident I am getting good information. I really appreciate it.

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