2005 crf250r valve problem

my valves have been closing up alot lately is it normal for them even to close up on me

When they're worn out, yes. An accelerated rate of wear (closing up faster than normal) is a sign that the hard coating is gone. When that happens, they sink faster. The bad part is that they will often start scrubbing on the seat as they close, straining the stem at the valve head, and that can lead to dropping a valve. That's an event that is usually a whole lot more spectacular than you would want.

Is it your intakes or ex valves

Time for a valve job.IMO put some KW SS valves in there and you should get some more hours out of them if bike is properly maintained and make sure to have seats done.

BigBoreThunpers.com has CRF 250 heads with stainless steel valves, heavy duty valve springs, and titanium retainer on the shelf and at a great price. And these valves are awesome. I Have a set in my CRF 450 and have been in there for 5 years and still don't need to be adjusted.

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