New '94 XR600 Owner with loads of questions

I'm new to this site and the XR600, not new to bikes. Just picked up a '94 XR600R this past weekend. My plans are to turn this into a dual sport. This bike sort of fell into my lap, so didn't have a lot of time to research. I'll be the first to admit, bike electrics are not my strongest suit. I saw the headlight/tail light and thought I was in like Flynn. Now I know the rest of the story (A/C, Stator, etc.....)

So, to add signals, brake light and a horn. I know about the Ricky Stator, but I would rather leave well enough alone. I also read about the Dual Sport kits, but since I just bought this bike and my son's TT-R125, I'm not looking to spend big bucks on this. Here are a couple of my thoughts. 1, is to leave the Headlight stock and running off the A/C. Splice into the Stator wiring and add a rectifier/regulator and run the Brake/Tail light, Signals and horn from that D/C system, using the 12Vs RC battery pack. I have read the Radio Shack thread and as well as, sorry if I got the user wrong, but Newfoundlander's thread on how he wired his stock stator up similar to this? However, his bike may be the UK version? Is anyone currently running this setup and how has it worked long tern? Simple explanations on how to accomplish this?

My other option is to just leave the current lighting stock, then add an RC battery to run the Horn and Signals. recharging as necessary. I would add the brake light to the existing tail light. Anyone running this and how has this held up? How often to charge the RC battery?

The PO gave me a service manual. This states that the stock Alternator output is 45W a@ 5K RPMs, from what I'm reading on there, this should be 80 to 90 W? which is correct?

Lastly, the PO mentioned that this was too much bike for him. He felt that someone changed the rear sprocket. My current street bike is a Kawi ZZR 1200, so power is not an issue. However, pulling this bike thru my front yard and into the garage, I was pulling the front wheel off the ground AS I was tearing up my front yard with the rear wheel. Don't get me wrong, I love the power on this thing. But wondering if changing the sprockets, Front and Rear, would tame this a bit for street riding?

Any other thoughts and your patience is appreciated.


I have not had the need to convert one, mine have already been street legal.

Until someone knowledgeable answers your post. There are a lot of threads covering this subject already. Let your fingers so to say take a walk. I am not trying to blow you off, just giving you something to pass the time.

I know if you can switch all the lights except the headlight to LED's that would be very helpful. A battery will need to be installed somewhere along with a rectifier/regulator.

First check to see if you can get it tagged dont know where you are and laws there. If you can just buy a kit it will have everything you need and will be plug and play. yes will have to gear it up maybe 16 45 with stock primary gears can use 650L primary its taller. Th stator has 2 coils one for CDI thats 45w then one for lights that should be 70w not shure. With kit it will tell you if stock stator will handle it

I've had two street converted 600s, one with a Baja Designs kit, the other with a homemade conversion using components from Procycle, considerably cheaper than the BD kit. I kept the stock alternator, never had a problem. For me, the stock gearing worked just fine. For my money, the converted 600 is hard to beat for a do-it-all bike.

My 2nd bike in MD, I purchased in PA, I made sure it had a title. I dont know who, how, or why, it had a title, but I knew it would be easier to plate. Put all the street stuff on myself & wiring, & had it inspected(mandatory in MD) & BAM I got plate ! Also see if there are any dual-sport clubs in your area. I found one in my state & that helped big time.(connections ;) )

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