YZ125 Jetting

Hey guys, just did a new top end and it runs pretty good. Fires up but idles high and if I give it throttle, it takes a long time to come back down to idle. Idle is great right when it fires up but after any revving it doesn't want to idle back down. Even when warm I get a little smoke and after riding, theres a trail of spooge running down the silencer. As far as I know the jetting is stock but i'm unsure. I'm curious as to what size jets I should be running and anything else to help this idle problem. Air screw is 1 turn out but i played with it from 1/4 turn to 2 1/2 turns and same problem. I'm new to these 2 strokes so I have no idea what jetting I should be running with this exhaust. I trail ride in the lower rpm's but I get on it whenever I have the chance and she rips. So if anyone can recommend jets I'll give it a shot. Thanks

Bike is a 1999 YZ125

Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe

FMF Turbine Core 2

New top end, Wossner Piston

I also checked the reeds and they looked new (i think). Nice and flat

91 Octane fuel at 32:1

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At best go back to stock jetting,your manual has that data.

The jettimg is stock right now

Edit: I failed at reading your post

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If the idle is hanging after throttle on and does not return to normal it may indicate an air leak causing a lean condition. One of the places air can leak is the left side crank seal.

If there is excessive smoke and spooge this can sometimes be caused by a worn crank seal on the right side (engine pulling trany oil in)

So, you could just need crank seals all around.

EDIT: I forgot the most important question. Did it act like this before you did the top end, or only after?

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Only after. Before the top end it wouldn't kick start but ran perfect. New top end and had good compression but still wouldn't kick start. The air screw was in a bad spot (I forget but I think it was like 2 turns out. I moved it and she fires right up but has a high idle and takes forever to idle back down after revving. She sits anywhere from 1900-2200 for 30 seconds to a minute after a quick throttle blip. Wasn't losing any tranny oil but I haven't checked recently


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