Help! 2012 CRF 450R ECM Removal

Like it says i am trying to remove the ecm so i can send to eddie. i have gotten the two bolts off the bracket that hold the ecm by the filter and dont know where to go from there.

please help


Not sure I understand your question correctly but.. all you have to do is unplug the only cable that goes to the ECM and then you can slide it out of its protection. There is no need to unscrew these 2 bolts if the fuel tank is off the bike.

so all i need to do is remove the gas tank and thats it?

thanks I was looking to far into it. i got it out

so you just took off the tank, unplugged the cable and it slide right out? I am sending mine to Eddie on Monday but want to ride this weekend so let me know if that is all it took.

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