Advice on new bike vs current 04

Well I have owned my 04 250F since 2005 and I am not quite sure what I want to do with it. I didn't ride much in the last few years due to lack of funding (college) but now I have a good job and am getting back into the swing of things. My 04 is running terribly if at all. It needs valves, piston (at the least since the bottom end has never been gone through before), wheels, exhaust, suspension revalve, carb work, and a major cleaning/overhaul. I am meticulous about things but college took it's toll on my bike because I didn't have the money to fix it when I needed to. A new 250f is out of the question but I am debating about just selling this bike and picking up a 2012 CRF 250/450 for 4-5k to start fresh with. I would like to get some opinions on which way to go.


Here is what it looks like right now...


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Sounds like you have a few considerations. What would you rather put your money into, fixing up your 04, or buying a newer one? Me personally I like to buy them a little used up/worn out, but cheap, then spend the money on all new parts, this way I know the "health" of the bike. If you do all the work yourself you can probably rebuild the motor for less than a grand (valves, piston, crank) figure a few more bucks for forks, bearings like swing arm linkage and wheels.

Today’s bikes are high maintenance, there is no guarantee if you spend 5k on a newer bike with 50 hard hrs that the crank won't let go. Like I said me personally I prefer to put the money into rebuilding a bike, rather than buy newer.

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I agree with DB you know what you have in your bike, just add some new mods to it and ride.

Part out current bike, buy used 2 stroke cheap, add whatever parts it needs/ you want and you have a nice bike in perfect condition

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