Honda Master Cylinder

for those of you that put on a honda front master cylinder what....I have my stock brake line on there now. its not kinked like the honda line is so was looking to get one since it hits the bars. so far im seeing 17" line, 19" line, CR style, blah blah. which one do i need? simple question so all i need is a simple answer... thanks

i would like to know this too!!!!

ive heard the HEL lines are really good, i might give them a call. ride-engineering might know.

really? nobody put on a different line?

Get the line that matches the master cylinder. Worked in the past for me and I run galfers. Pretty sure the calipers are the same minus the carrier. You may could even run an oe honda line if you like the feel of rubber

I run a front brake line from a ktm450sx if that helps.

I think any line from a CRF250 or 450 is what you need. The MC/line from my '10 RMZ450 fit on my '12 CRF450. I basically did the opposite of what you're doing.

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