9 y/o son expressed interest in racing what bike

Well my 9 y/o says he would like to try racing he is not a big 9 y/o about average size my first thought was a 110 4t but dealer tried to steer me towards 65 2t looking to buy used any recs?

Has he ever been on a dirt bike?


Very cool congrats

yeah get a 65. it has power but is ok to learn on, and it will last a few years.

KX65's are great machines, unless you're worried about qualifying for Loretta's, in which case the ktm is supposed to be mo betta. A kx will last season after season.

first bike for a nine year old?

xr 80.

tell him when the time is right, he can move up to a 2t 85 and race.

I'd have to disagree with the poster above. 85's are fast bikes and 110% different then any XR or TTR out there.

A KX65 is perfect, they can be detuned a bit to be a bit smoother and once he grows into it and then grows out of it he'll have the experiance that should make an 85 much less of a daunting task to master. 65's can be had for under a grand and don't really lose their value either.

KTM 65 perfect for him

how tall and what is his weight.


But if he has never ridden a dirt bike in his life i would suggest letting him get at least a years worth of seat time before he starts racing..

im partial to the suzuki rm65 pretty cheap if you buy used

I started on a xr70 at 10 years old then onto a rm80 by the time I was 12 or so

The 70 was great to learn on but if he's set on racing a 60 or 65 2t will most likely be much better

If he really wants to race there are 2 choices. KTM 65 or Cobra 65. The KX65 has a trail bike suspension, and the RM, while better, doesnt have the same power. They are all good bikes, but the KTM and Cobra are racing machines. The most important thing is for him to learn proper technique. Get a book, watch videos, and find a coach if you dont know yourself. Bad habits are hard to break, and will limit his speed, control, and safety. Good luck to you both.

How about learning how to ride first? Put a kid on a performance machine out the gate may be a mistake. Would you put a 16yr old behind the wheel of a Porsche or any other high performance car? Some are born to do it , granted . But with the sale/ resale of those bikes being so cheap why not make the learning a bit easier. Just my .02 . Xr is a great avenue. if he can push it after the first year , move him to a 2t .

Seriously, dont put a kid who has never rode on a 65. Get him something to learn on and then when he is ready go for a 65.

powerband is mean on that kx65 and is generally not recommended for a first timer. my boy progressed on 4 different bikes before graduating to the KX65 ... pw50, crf50, pw80, klx110 .

I'd say klx110 or crf 100. Racing isn't a one year endeavor, and he'll get his clock cleaned if you toss him into a race on a real performance driven machine. Crf100 is a great learner and teaches maintenance too, but if he screws something up, trust me he will, it'll handle internel abuse and neglect better than a race bred motocrosser. The power band on a 65 is actually decently strong. My first bikes were pw50, ttr 90, kx65 rm 85, yz85 sx85 and finally my kx112. Now riding the big bikes. It was a fun process, and if you throw him onto a bike he can't handle he'll lose that sense of fun.


tough as nails

cheap to get into

real clutch.

easy to learn on

about the right size

NO maintenance for you (filter and oil)

Let him ride it the snot out of it

get some training classes for him

Then you decide when he is ready, is he doing jumps, does he want race, or is he just having fun on the trails or doing the track?

My one son is a trail guy the other a race guy, both started out on the 80, both said they wanted to race.

When he is "racing" the 80 and getting past by everyone, and he CARES about being passed, then go to the 65, that might be in a month or a year. You can sell the 80 for about the same price as you bought it for....

Good luck...

For everybody WHO said a xr 80 while it has clutch if the kid really wants to race the xr 80 is a bullet proof piece of shit. Get a ktm 50 senoir or 65 and block the throttle so the float in the carb doesn't open up the whole way just like a governer on a car. And he will be a amazing rider by the time he is 16.

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