Pronunciation help

Is it Huss-a-berg or Hoo-sa-berg? I've heard it both ways.

I've always said it like the 2nd one.

Who Suh Berg

I've heard it pronounced "who ska berg". Where they get that I have no idea.

over here we say Hoo-sa-berg, but I'm no swede...

Hoos a berg n flafer liggen dorpher

Being a Scandinavian and living 2 hrs from Sweden... up here we pronounce it Hu-sa-berg

I pronounce it "freakin' awesome"...

we ride with this gorgeous (married) swedish girl and its definitely "who's a berg?" but with a strange inflection on the berg bit. but she could talk about dog turds and it would still sound unbearably sexy.

interesting that the name husaberg doesn't mean anything, the original guys were in a bit of rush to get the paperwork in to establish the company and just made it up on the spot apparently.

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