CR85 cylinder issues

I bought a used 2005 CR85, cylinder was over bored to 102. Does head need to be modified for increased cylinder diameter, and what is stock cylinder height? It is a used bike, and I am not sure if the person who did mods knew what they were doing. I did a squish check, with a piece of soft solder and it seemed correct. Any help getting this right would be appreciated

On my sons KTM 65 I have a gauge to set the head height relative to the piston at the top of the stroke, you adjust by changing cylider base gaskets. There is no mention of this in my honda service manual. I am afriad the cylinder might of been decked. I am looking for anyone who can tell me if I need to get aftermarket head gasket in larger diameter for the 52mm piston, if combustion chamber on a new head cap needs to be modified because of larger bore diameter, and if a squish check is sufficient to set height of cylinder relative to top of stroke. Thanks

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