Banshee problems need help FAST!


I have a 98 banshee it's all stock I believe except I just put a new top end in it last night it has toomey t5's and UNI individual air filters I just replaced the spark plugs it has great spark and new stator I cleaned the carbs out and put new fuel line on it and it will only start if I dump gas directly in the pistons then it will run but after it warms up and u kill it it won't start again unless you do the same thing I am just frustrated as hell and don't know what's wrong and I would like to race it May 5th so I need some good advice quick please I don't wanna go to the race and have to take the spark plugs out and dump gas in it before my race that would suck

Check the reeds. Have you checked the carbs?

Ya the carbs are in perfect sync totally clean and clear and the reeds are fine too

Sounds like a jetting problem, or you aren't kicking it hard enough (which I doubt)

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