Why does everyone keep asking about swapping plastics?

Three times a day people come in here and ask if they can put different year plastics on their bike.

The answer is always no, yet like clockwork, people keep asking. What is up with that?

Why do people care so much about plastics?

I'm new around here but have noticed this a lot too. Seems every forum I've been on has topics that everyone has to keep coming back to regardless of how many times it has been answered or discussed. Search "Plastics fit" and you'll get six pages worth of results.

Im one of em haha, well the 2010 and up graphics are better IMO, so when i bought 2011 graphics for my 08 i was planning on make shift fitting em (i had a trx450r graphics laying around and put them on our 250ex, i get lost of compliments on them, Never seen another one!!) So i wanted to make my 08 look good and figured that id look better if the right plastics! ill prob send em back and keep looking for the right size :lame:

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