Skid Plate?

What is a good skid plate for the 650. What about the Utah Sport Cycle that Rocky Mountain atv/mc sells? It cost $65. That sounds pretty cheap to me. I think I paid just over $100 for the one on my 400 but I don't remember what kind it is.

Utah skid plates are pretty common and they make skid plates for various other companies who in turn sell them under different brand names. If you install a skid plate, be prepared to hear a bit more engine noise unless you dampen it with something like foam or coat the skid plate with a liquid truck bed liner, etc.

Yeah, when I put one on the 400 I thought something was wrong. It does bounce a lot of sound back at you.

Get the moose HD baja skid plate for your bike. Also add the foam inbetween the motor and skidplate. If you don't (like I do) it will echo horrid noises at you. The BRP is not noise friendly when it comes to the motor. Excessively noisy oilpump and camchain. But it runs like a bat out of hell.

I believe Utah makes or used to make the skid plates for Moose, Baja Designs and a few others who put their name on Utah's product.

This same topic was discussed a few weeks ago on the forum, and from it I took someone's suggestion and purchased a skidplate from Pro Armor . Just recieved it today, and I am incredibly impressed with their craftsmanship. It was a bit pricey ($100 I think), but as far as I can tell, it is well worth it. BTW, it isn't made by Utah Sport Cycle either :).

The skid plate from White Brothers bolts on similar to the Pro Armor skid plate and retails for $86, but you can often find them for under $70 at various dealers and they're also nice. The Utah skid plates clamp on with brackets. If you buy through Pro Armor, use coupon code "FLYERDISC" for a 15% discount. You can also buy the Pro Armor skid plate through White Brothers and usually get 20% off its retail price from various WB dealers. Team Honda uses the stock skid plates.

I just got the Moose skid plate I didn't put the foam in so I don't know if it is going to be much louder, I just got the Monster Moto One DVD (not enough baja desert riding) but I had to look twice to notice that Campbell's bike had what looked the stock skid plate on :) kinda of suprised about that :D

One thing to remember to look at when considering skidplates is that many require you to remove the coolant catch can!

This means that if your bike boils over or the coolant expands enough it won't go to a place where it can be returned to the radiators. This being the case you may need to get the 1.6 (not sure the pressure units) radiator cap to keep it from boiling over.

Thermostats are a whole-nother topic that I don't know enough about to recommend one way or the other but what I have heard is some;

a) remove it all together

:) get a higher temp one

c) stick the orginal open (to keep the correct flow and pressure)

d) some replace it with a washer with a narrower opening for flow and pressure reasons as well!

There may be more but again I don't know all the ins and outs to it. so search around and see what you can find! hopefully someone will fill us in

Oh yea I got a baja designs (which I guess is made by Utah) and works well! Is louder which took some getting use to(not b/c it is too loud but just odd noises), but if you know its normal it isnt' bad. Another reason for the foam is to prevent rocks from getting jammed up b/w the plate and engine caseing rattling around against the softer casing and causing damage! I don't have foam and don't plan on it. Just passing on what I hear.

But keep in mind the coolant tank and radiator cap/themostat.


On a side topic, what are everyone's opinions on skidplate mounting options? I had figured (perhaps incorrectly) that over time, using brackets to mount the plate (like Utah CycleSports does) would eat away at the soft aluminum frame. Any thoughts on this? Then again, the pro armor plate mounts up to the original mounting holes, which don't look sturdy enough to take a real blow (the aluminum will most likely transmit more of a hit to the mounts). Just curious. Thanks. :)

Naru, let me know how you like the Pro Armor. Do you have to remove the coolant catch tank?

I won't have a chance to mount it up until next Thursday, but I'll make sure to report back then. As for the coolant catch, I'm pretty sure it retains it; in the instructions, there is nothing about removing it. And anyways, the thing is big enough to land a fighter jet on, let alone hold the bottle. When I picked it up at the dealership, they asked me if it was for an ATV. :)

The Pro Armor definitely retains the degas bottle, but so does the White Brothers, the Utah varieties, CRD, Devol, etc. This bottle also removes air from the cooling system to minimize hot spots that would otherwise form where there are air pockets in addition to acting as an expansion tank. I would not recommend buying a skid plate requires this bottle to be removed, but I haven't seen a skid plate yet for the XR650R that removes this bottle.

Damn, that one is sweet. I like it!! :) It is a bit pricey but it looks like it's worth it.

I knew an old car salesman who used to say, "You'll remember the quality long after you've forgotten the price".

Hands down the best skid plate out there for the pig...WHIPPS !!!!



Yep! I agree. I don't have one but when I was thinking of replacing the stocker I really searched around. I e-mailed Whipps and the guy there was way cool. I since decided to stay with the stocker, but if/when I do buy one I'm going to "Whipp" it! :)

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