yz250f, your input?

im looking actually to buy a yz250f, to anyone that owns one, whats the power like and the reliability? and would you recommend this bike?


I have a 2009 and love it. The suspension is awesome. I like that it has a carburetor. I read nothing but good things about the reliability. I get lots of compliments from friends when I let them ride the bike.

I would definitely recommend a heavier flywheel to address stalling at slow speeds if you're going to trail ride. My bike went from flame outs with no warning to being very difficult to stall after I installed a gytr off road flywheel.

new or used? if your buying a new bike buy a kx. the yz250f is still carbed. If your buying used, the suspension really is the best, super reliable and an overall all around good competitive machine.

ok, sweet, ya i was thinking used, (cant afford a new bike and a car haha) i've heard its a sweet bike, and its decent on the trails aswell?

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