oil filter cover stripped out allen head bolt?

Ok, mine finally went beat! How did you all fix this? Replace the entire case or find longer bolt or helicoil?

I would go for the helicoil, you can use the same bolt....much cheaper than a case half.

I did the heli-coil route. I took it to an engine rebuilding shop and they did it for either 15 or 20 bucks. I also found out that the wrong bolt was used in my bike. The bolt was too short. When I ordered a new one from the shop it was about 1/2 inch longer. I am guessing that is why it stripped the threads, it wasn't getting hold of a full set of threads.

Hey GA426

I heilicoiled mine. When I had it all apart, I found that the mill/tap job on my side case was crap. Yamaha didn't line mine up well. It was inevitable that I'd have trouble. The heilicoil fix has been great. Some time ago there was a lot posted on this issue. Maybe you can search that post for more info.


My bolt threads are starting to get a little rough too. When removing the side case, is there any gotcha's? It looks pretty simple when refering to the manual, but was wondering if there is any advise out there you folks can offer. (?) :)

:) Mine has done the same thing, last time I replaced the filter. It didnt snug up, but it didnt leak either, so it remains unrepaired till now. Does anyone know if the bolt goes all the way into the inner case or just the outer portion? I saw the the other day at PEP Boys they had Helicoil kits for 12.95, came with 6 coils a drill and tap.


If were talking about the allen-head bolt on the filter cover, this thread hole is not a blind hole and goes directly into the right side of the case, which makes the heli-coil fix a little more involved. I can see the counter balance drive gear,(I think it's that gear) through the hole. :)

You guys should check out the old thread on this subject. Ty Davis has a good analysis and solution to this problem.

I had this fixed with a time-cert that screwed into the allenhead - rethreaded- bolt hole in the case. This allowed for the drain hole- in the oil filter cavity not to drain particles unto the allen head bolt. works perfectly, more durable than heli-coil.

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