CRF250R rad problems

Hi, my Honda CRF250R is having problems with the radiator. I'm starting the bike(it hasn't been rode since last summer and the weather is not very warm) and it runs fine and idles good but my rad smokes and after about 5 minutes of idling smoke and antifreeze pours out the overflow like crazy. I'm thinking I may need a new rad cap but I'm not sure. If you know something, it would help a lot. Thanks

5 minutes of ideling is a pretty long time for a motocross bike. Start it up and take it for a slow 5 minute spin around the block. It shouldnt over heat.

I agree with 87XR250R. sitting at idle for 5 mins in a long time for these bikes. run it and then see if its still doing it. Also a dirty radiator could cause this or your Pump isnt fuctioning correctly. But after sitting for so long things could be gumbed up a bit. Good Luck

Thanks ill try that

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