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Rebuild questions...(I've never done one)

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I've been looking at craigslist 5 times a day at least as well as using bikefinds.com, cycletrader.com, zoomthelist.com and other sites. Anyways, I've called on at least 15 different CRF250r's (all 2010-2013) And I've caught the seller in a lie each and every time....from having factory connection suspension that was stock, to multiple cases of people saying they had motor mods by yoshimura and eleven ten mods that never were in the records at either business/ didn't match key details the companies said would be visible (such as ID number engravings in the head). So, I've gotten to the point where I am freaking desperate for a EFI CRF250r before spring (2 weeks from now MAX) and I've decided I can't trust anyone on what they say happened. Now, I guess I'm trying to figure out what it'd be to have the motor rebuilt because I'm assuming in most of these cases, that's why it's for sale is because it's in need of one. Soooo....

1.) How much does it cost to do a rebuild assuming you use all oem parts? (If I did it all myself)

2.) Are there any OEM parts you shouldn't use?

3.) My engine/suspension mechanic says that the cam is one of the most important things to watch out for and upgrade....How much do I need to spend honestly for one that would get me by as long as possible?

4.) I've also heard Hot Cams/Hot Rods, and all products that are that brand is foreign crap....Is this true?....I'm looking at a bike that's bone stock (minus cosmetic stuff) besides suspension and Hot Rods connecting rod and wiseco piston...

He also says it has 6 hours on a complete rebuild which he calls valves, piston (Wiseco), crank and gaskets of course. He is asking 3500 and it's a 2010. The kid raced it in the C class. That's about all I know about it. I've seen the pics and stuff too. My engine guy says to be say offer 3200 on a 2010 but if I can get it confirmed that it was rebuilt 6 hours ago I can't understand why he'd sell it after putting all the money into it unless it was blown. I guess with all that being said, What is a range for rebuild prices to account for when searching for a used bike? And Any brands of motor components suggested or not?

I would normally ask my engine guy, but he’s in the hospital from a car accident on the way to a track and I think it’d be rude to call him up and ask him just for that when he’s not having a good start to the race season.

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