16 trying to choose first bike

hi im 16 just under 6ft and im looking at a kx100 for my first bike but my only concern is if i could fit on one comfortably and if i dont get one of those I'm looking at a yz125 kx 125 crf 150f its all depending on price and maybe if someone sees this and is looking to sell or knows someone selling a good working bike must be atleast a 2000 in year and around 1700 dollars please let me know must be running condition but if not just answer that question about if it will be a comfortable ride please and thank you

How much under 6'? What kind of riding do you plan to do? What kind of riding experience do you have?

Unless you are around 5'3 ish, a KX 100 and CRF150f will be way too small. A KX 100 and CRF150f are two completely different animals. The 150f is an entry level youth trail bike. The 100 is a kids MX bike. A 125 2 stroke generally the best bike to get started on. But that all depends on how big you really are and what kind of riding you plan to do.

A 125. They're all very similar in performance and reliablity, find the nicest shape one you can find for your money and buy it. People have to remember though Canadian prices are much higher but I think for $1700 you should still be able to find a nice 125. If you're looking for something slower and more tame to start any 230 would be alright too but they're much heavier and slower and don't have near as good suspension, they'd really only be useful until you understood the mechanics of dirtbiking and would mostly just be a stepping stone bike.

I think it depends more on your personality and what you intended to do on the bike. If you want to race MX style and plan on spending days at the track then I think the 125 makes sense...

...but if you want to ride around with buddies on the trail it might not be as much fun. For you.

The biggest question is while this is your first bike, how much experience do you have? A new rider in the trails on a 125 would be tough as you are going to have to RIDE the bike and manage the pipe. My 17 Y/O brother LOVES his KTM XC150 but he has been riding for years and can tear it up. Its also a personality thing. A 125MX bike will hit, hard, and scare you. If you don't have good throttle and clutch control it could turn you off of riding. On the other hand you could love it and be all the better rider for it.

I will say that I recently went from an XR400 to a 300 XC-W. The change from four stroke to two was huge... but I am having a BLAST on the 300. It definitely increases the pucker factor when you whiskey throttle (which you WILL do) but the end return was worth it. That being said... I wouldn't have wanted a two stroke as my first bike.

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