What dirt bike should I get?

I want a bike to ride in my yard it is about 2 acres and their are some trails I can ride too. I am 5 foot 1 inch and I weigh about 100 pounds. I do not mind any maintenance. What bike should I get? I am looking off Craigslist and I like 2t and 4t.

Something between a Honda xr/crf100 or a crf150f or a CR85(more MX kinda bike) I've had a xr100 and a cr85 and ridden several crf150 Fs and Rs if I were you I'd get a xr/crf100 or a crf150F a cr85 is a snappy bike with a ton of power for a 85ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1366861400.835885.jpgtheres mine I have. A 03 CR 85RB expert. Mean bike but u don't have to much to ride on so a smaller trail bike sounds perfect. Grab a Honda xr/crf100 or a crf 150f or a yamaha ttr125 I'd stay away from the Kawasaki and Suzuki trail bikes.

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