2009 WR250f 100% street tires?

I have a 2009 WR250f that I am making street legal. All I have left to do is change the gearing and get tires and possibly rims (if I have to) for the bike. I would like to have full on 100% street tires off of a sport bike but I honestly don't know what I'm looking for. If anybody could tell me what tires/brakes/sprockets I need it would be great. And I've seen the kits but I want to try to do this on the cheap. Thanks

bro if you want to do cheap then just get some dot road legal knobbies like michelin ac-10s,then you can do the supermoto thing later when youve got the coin

Sounds like he means making it into a motard with 17" wheels and sportbke radial tires.

May I ask why you're going with street tires? You have one of the greatest enduro bikes out there, and you're going to make it completely incapable of what it does best and force it into a category where it's just plain slow.

I just don't want to see you waste money and clip your bikes wings. I also have a 250f, and ive been through the disappointment's of non aggressive tires and have now put MX51's back on. What's cool is i'm still pinning it up our windy paved canyon(CA, highway 33). They just don't really have the punch to require street tires, in my opinion.

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