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Wisconsin Getting plates in KTM?

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Hi, I'm new to the site and would just like to say there's lots of good info in here! My question is, I have a 2010 KTM 530xc-w. I gotta get it plated to run in the forest Roads. I bought it new so I am the original owner. I brought my certificate of orgin to the green bay dmv hoping to get lucky... They got all the info entered in the system and she was ready to hand plates to me no questions asked. Then she decided that the dealer needed to take care of this and sent me out the door with no plate. There wasn't any question from them what type of bike it was. She just couldn't figure out why the dealer didn't register it, I just played dumb. Of course the dealer won't do it because its not an "exc". Can this actually be done or will I keep getting the run around??

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