recluse issues

so im riding a 2005 husky wr250 equiped with a recluse exp 2.0.

problems with getting used to it from what ive read on it with the bike in gear holding the clutch in and rev it some the bike should lurch forward some but when off the throttle in gear it should stay planted. i have it set that way now. when riding and I want to rev up the front tire to go over a log at slow speeds the bike just lunges forward into it before I can get the wheel up. Ive tried adjusting the cable so it doesn't move in gear when I rev it in gear but then it feels like the bike doesn't fully disingage. the way i have it set is that the way these recluse's are supposed to work and I need more ride time on it or is it adjustable. I got the stock plates that came with the bike. so if I cannot get more comfortable with it I'll go back to normal before my racing starts thanks for any input

I'm having a hard time understanding what you are asking?

The Exp can be tuned for engagement RPM by changing the springs inside the EXP ring. Stiffer springs engage later & softer engage sooner. Adjusting the cable tension (within acceptable limits) doesn't really do anything other than change the feel at the lever.

You want to have the clutch set to drag slightly at idle.

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Drag at idle lever out and while the clutch lever pulled in, throttle on, no movement is how this should work.

ONLY adjust the clutch cable per the Rekluse manual. Don't adjust it to where you think it should be. I did that and fried a set of friction plates my first ride out. If you have ANY questions, CALL THEM!!!! They have great customer service.

all right sorry about the post being confusing when i got the bike it didnt come with a manual on the auto clutch. thats the first thing I should have located and started from there.

the clutch should be adjusted out pretty far. when you rev the bike and you are placing just some force on the clutch lever end... does it move? it should move just slightly as the bike revs up. it really sounds like you have it out of spec with your adjustments. i would start by opening up the clutch (depending on how long you rode check the plates) confirm the springs you have in there. let your slack all out of the clutch cable before you adjust the basket settings.... this is key!!!!! adjust your internal adjusters where they should be after break in!!!! button it all up and then set the cable where it should be. the site has good vids on this too. mine doesn't move at all with the clutch in and in gear... you can feel it move the chain a tad bit but it doesn't move the bike in any way. when set right this is what you should experience. they do have great customer support too.

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