06 WR250f Breather Hose(s) Rerouting

I got the chance to ride this past weekend and at some point we got to a very muddy area. My bike went through water quite easily but it got deeper at some point and I got stuck, then engine died. I was able to restart with the throttle fully open, yank the rear wheel out of the hole and drive out of the mess. Now I have a couple of questions:

1. Breather hose rerouting - when shopping for the bike I saw one that had 2 breather hoses under the seat. Which ones? Does it help with situations like this? Pictures or detailed instructions please. I did a search and there are very general ideas and suggestions

2. Is there a possibility that water got into the bike/ oil/ ...? water almost covered rear wheel, under the air box, do I need any special maintenance after this event? I hear some grinding on the rear wheel, looks like fine sand got between the hub and the hub cover, but there is plenty of grease in that area (removed the rear wheel, cleaned and greased the area about a month ago)


What I found so far:

Carburetor has 2 vent tubes from factory, and use Ts to make them 4. From The factory, all 4 vent tubes go down with the overflow tube to the bottom of the bike. Block all 4 at the same time and you have instant stall condition. Overflow should always go down to the bottom.

Two of thw 4 tubes from carburetor have to be rerouted. It is advised to *not* route them into the airbox, as some postings recommend. Simply ran them up under the seat (careful not to kink them) and zip-tied them along The seat rails.

I will take pics when I get to do it. Anyone having this done?

I have just rerouted my top hoses under the seat, here are the pics, before and after. Very easy to do once the hoses are identified. They are the 2 going above the carburetor, and hold together with a black plastic clip. See the pics

1. Stock Left StockLeft.jpg

2. Stock Right StockRight.jpg

3. Left Hose Removed LeftHoseRemoved.jpg

4. Right Hose Removed RightHoseRemoved.jpg

5. Left Hose Rerouted LeftHoseRerouted.jpg

6. Right Hose Rerouted RightHoseRerouted.jpg

7. Under the seat UnderTheSeat.jpg

Time to try it out

Good job.

The only concern I'd have is if water ran down the fender, it could flow into the hoses. It is better if they are aimed down so water will not want to run in. This is one of the reasons people often route up under the tank. They route them up toward the steering head and then ain them down, ususally just behind the radiator or looped back under the tank.

True, but the chance of that happening is small. I got into 2ft of water this past weekend, spin like crazy, slipped in mud and water, and there was zero water in that area. Plus the hoses have a 1/8" opening, unless they are submersed in water I think I will be safe. And if that part of the bike is submersed, there are bigger issues to deal with. They are lifted from the fender, zip tyed to the frame.

I read about routing behind the radiator but prefered this as being a cleaner route. Thanks

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