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TTR225 Wot problem after locking motor

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I made a slight tactical error a few days back and ended up giving my bike a bit of a drink...After pulling the bike out of the murky abyss I drained the water out of it, got it fired up hoping it would dry itself out...it never did. I'm having the issue were if I snap the throttle it bogs down and dies, if I slowly open it up to wot it will run fine until I release the throttle, at that point it will have an increadably high idle for 30-40 seconds before calming down. I've been through the carb twice now cleaning it that jets are clear, choke it un-gummed up, the floats floating, and I have the fuel/air screw backed out 2.5 turns. I went through the crank case and cylinder and flushed it out with seafoam and 15-40 twice, put new gas in it with dry gas, and changed the plug. Exhuast is clear. At idle the bike runs just like normal. Under load it has minimal power and bucks halfway through 3rd. Where should I check next? I don't see any visual cracks anywere, compression seems to be okay.


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