stuck brake.

my brake is stuck, havent had time to dig into it yet, but my brake light is stuck on, the tire is stiff, and you can just tell its stuck, not rocket science, now, how do i unstick it properly? and make it not do this again.

Front or Rear?

If it was me I'd take the caliper off, remove the pads and clean the pistons and surrounding areas.

Here's alittle how to thread:

Do not push the pistons the whole way out of the caliper, To fully clean the caliper you would want to push them out but I'm pretty sure you'd have to buy new seals if they come out [someone correct me If I'm wrong?]

If the light is stuck on, that is probably a dirty switch. On the rear the switch is behind the frame (follow the brake lever) and the front one is behind the lever (under the master cylinder). Either one could be sticking and causing the problem, Push them in and see if they push back out immediately (The front one usually makes a clicking noise, I'm not sure about the back switch).

rear, noticed when i went to tighten chain that the tire was stiff,

rear, noticed when i went to tighten chain that the tire was stiff,

Might even be something really simple, Take the caliper off and spin the wheel.. but it's probably in the caliper.

i think its the brake, i cant imagine what else it would be? :confused:

Can you operate the bake pedal , does it return ?

Check you haven't lost the return spring off the pedal...

it returns, i think, but i did notice that i didnt feel any pressure until the brake is pressed pretty far down.

update: my brake is stuck on the rotor, if i push on the cover of the cylinder i can push the assembly towards the tire and the cylinder slowly retracts, then i pump the brakes a few times and the brake is locked up again :banghead:

Take out the long slider pin and see if that helps. DRC sells a stainless steel pin to replace the cheap one Suzuki uses. You need to figure out if its the piston that's sticking or one of the guide 3 pins.


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