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2004 kx 250 problem

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So week before last I went out to ride the 2t at a local track. It had been raining alot the days leading up. I was the only one at the track for about 3 hours. Track was super slick so I got the owner to disk it up for me. This is the first time riding the bike for more than 15 minutes in 6 months due to bottom end rebuild and other bs. Is been riding my kx250f before I got the 2t back together and couldn't wait to hop back on the smoker. Well before he dialed it I was taking it pretty slow just getting used to the feel of the bike again. I did about 5 laps and never left 3rd gear due to no traction of the tires really. Well everything felt great. Clucth was about two fingers pull, engine sounded good, power was there. Half way thru my 6th lap all of a sudden the clucth lever just went super loose and wasn't allowing me to shift gears with the clucth lever. Went to the pit and tightened everything up and still nothing. Got home washed her off and started messing with it. I figured it was the clucth cable just being old and worn so I ordered a new one ( it came in but they sent wrong one so they sent me the right cable which should be in any day) so I havnt got to see if that's the problem yet or not. I started playing with the lifter lever trying get the counter sprocket to spin in gear and nothing would happen. Bike shifts just not with the cable/levers being used. Took the clutch cover off and everything looked good. No burnt smell of the plates or anything. As I moved the lifter lever it would engage the clutch basket like it should and I could see it moving (the clutch basket that is) but still won't roll in gear. Then I lifted up in the lifter lever and it just came right out of the case. I looked down in the hole and u can see the push rod and where the lever connects to it. Needless to say Im not to sure what's going on. Bike was doing just fine and all of a sudden no tension in clutch lever and not allowing me to shift gears with the clutch. Any input or ideas or anything would be cool. Thanks

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