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$50 Track Day Cherry Valley, Lafayette, NY

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CherryValleyOpen Track Day / Practice Saturday May 11th.

Cost: $50 per rider

Gates open: 8am

Green Flag: 10am till 6pm

For this event its doubtful anyone will be turned away - however it is expected that you consider the saftey of yourself and the other riders on the track and you should make every effort to saftey wire (or silicone) any bolt that holds back oil/water - as well as draining your antifreeze and run water+water wetter or engine ice.

Here are some basic Tech requirements that would get you thru most race groups....

Supermoto requirements:

Bike must be clean and in good working order.

Numbers on front (minimum 5”) and sides (minimum 3”) of bike.

Throttle must return freely to full close without hindrance.

Working engine kill switch.

All bikes must have operating front and rear brakes with pads in good condition.

No mirrors.

All headlights, taillights, & turn signals must be removed or taped over (clear tape may not beused).

All center stand, side stand, and “kick stands” must be removed or saftey wired.

No sharp edges that would be hazardous.

Safety wire – oil filter bolts (0.024” diameter minimum)

Safety wire – spin on oil filters (requires metal clamps & safety wiring)

Safety wire – oil filler caps and oil lines

Safety wire – oil drain plug

Safety wire – masterlink clip (or secured with Permatex, tape, etc.)

Safety wire - Brake caliper and adapter bolts(Optional but highly suggested)

Sliders - Front and Rear - Peg (Recommended)

Fluid Containment – Heat resistant catch device (6 oz minimum) is required for the following:

****No soda, energy drink cans, baby bottle or water bottles***

Carburetor vent lines

Radiator overflow lines. Water-cooled engines may use plain water, or water with

WaterWetter®, or Engine Ice (or similar product). Glycol based antifreeze or water pump

lubricants of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Crankcase breather lines (Unless vented to airbox, then airbox MUST have drain sealed)

Cherry Valley Motorsports Park

4930 Route 20

Lafayette,NY 13084


Let’s support those who support us!

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Sorry about the ugliness that was. I was in a hurry yesterday. I just copy pasted and posted without review.

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Any chance you'll be having one in June? I'll be back in NY for 3 weeks and would love to take my bike to the track.

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