i installed a nes MSR raptor lever and it feels great... but it did not come with a rubber dust cover... what are you guys using for a cover?? i would hate for my easy pull clutch to get "grindy" with dirt after 1 ride...

thanks guys::::

02 426

dubach pipe, hot start

I had an old one my the spare parts box, can't remember why I had it but it works fine.

Just order one for a '98 or '99.(before they came with ez adjust clutch levers)

Don't worry about the dust cover. That thing will break in no time anyway. Trust me, you'll be riding and it will either break on the perch or where the 3 cable holes are.

When I had the raptor on my bike I pulled (stretched) the stock dust cover over it. It does not fit well but I never had a problem with it staying in place and it kept things clean underneath. I used it this way for about 10 mon. also. I recently went back to the stock perch and lever and the dust cover is still working for that so I guess it really did not strech out permanently.

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