am i too rich? dr 650

Well i took my snorkel out and cut four additional 1 inch holes on the top of my box. The dynojet stage two tells me exactly what jets to use. So i have a 160 in, and that's what it calls for with the side cover off. It kinda loads up after gettn on then off the throttle. Im also gettn a real rich exhaust smell. My question is, do i give it more air!!???

You can test ride with the air-box side cover off and compare, too much noise, serging and dirt for me. If you do try this be careful you don't loose any of the nuts as they are not fully captive.

Also double check that you have installed the needle & spacers correctly and that they are seated.

For me the DJ kit and setup was not what I was looking for as it became rich quickly with elevation gains and I also experienced what you are describing. I believe the best needle would be something about 1/2 the difference between stock & DJ, others will disagree. Maybe the Factory Pro kit?.


Thanks for the reply bruce. Yes everything is correctly in place. I did take the side cover off and it was too much for me also. I had shimmed my needle with two washers before the dj kit. I'll probably try it again with the 160 jet and see how she does. This tank got 36.5 mpg!!!!!! Of course there was alot of wheelies and wot on it though. With stock needle shimmed and snorkle out, i rode hard 100 miles and ended up still 51mpg . Man! What a difference!!!

Neil, you experience mirrors mine. Congrats on not drinking the DJ, K&N & hack the air-box cool aid.


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