Possible electrical issue!

Hello, I'm new to the forum and I'm in need of some help. I have a 2008 kx250f. I bought the bike four months ago and on my third outing I encountered a problem. The bike was running great then all of a sudden it just died like someone had hit the kill switch. I could not get it started again so went home scratching my head. Following day I tried kicking it but no luck, so I tried bump start with no luck. I then give it a kick and bang it fired right up and idled lovely, I then stopped the motor, only to try again ten minutes later. No luck and it hasn't started since. I've checked air filter,carb, and new plug etc. I put the new plug and old on the motor and no spark at all which makes me think its an electrical issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Stator or coil or wiring in between

Thank you 886, this was my suspicion. I actually removed stator cover and to my shock one of the bolts that hold the pickup had COME OUT! I don't know a lot about electrics but could this have faulted the stator? There is no visual damage though.

In all my years, outside of an obvious wiring issue-( ex. pinched wire, bad connection, etc., ) It's usually the stator. Your symptoms point in that direction. And in most cases, I've ohmed out the stator coils with a meter and have them check out good but have it still be bad.

Were the other bolts loose? if the stator plate moved or rotated then the timing could be way off so it wouldn't fire. Any damage to flywheel or bolt chewed up?

Hello, no absolutely no damage to flywheel, nor did the bolt looked chewed. The stator plate was in its normal position with just the one bolt missing. I have sent the stator off to be checked as its got warranty. It was recoiled only six months ago. Maybe it was fitted back on poorly hence the loose bolt. If its not stator what should I try next?

Coil and then wiring for ignition circuit

Would the cdi box be last resort then? Thanks.

It's always possible cant rule anything out until u get the stator back and do a check out with it installed, hopefully that's it, sounds like it gave you trouble before? Do you have the shop manual for the bike?

I have an official manual which I bought on ebay. Yeah the guy I bought the bike off just had the new stator fitted, so maybe he had some issues. The bike is a pro circuit America bike which was brought over to the uk, so I'm told. Would this contribute to my electrical issues. Should I replace the stator cover gasket when I put it back together? Thanks

Hard to go wrong with new gaskets…if its a PC bike then the CDI has probably been modified also and replacing with stock may change the way it runs. If stator does not fix it, you may be able to contact PC and give them engine SN and inquire about what mods had been done to know for sure…

I'm still shocked that the bolt came out on the pickup. I'm really hoping that this caused the fault to the stator, although visually the stator looks real good. I also noticed the spark plug was fitted poorly as the washer was jammed on an angle if you know what I mean. I'm surprised it worked at all. Thanks.

The best way to troubleshoot is swaptronics. If you know of anyone with the same bike that is willing to help you, try his coil and CDI box. If that doesn't fix it then it's the stator.

When someone comes to me with a problem like this I always go back to what was the last thing that was messed with and possibly violated. Just the fact that the stator was missing a bolt and was apparently rewound, it immediately makes me concerned about the stator. I've been a bike mechanic for 30 years. As I rack my brain to recall. I don't ever remember replacing a bad ignition coil. I remember only one CDI box and on that bike someone arc welded on the frame near it. I'm always open to checking other possibilities but in 99% of my experience, it's usually the stator. Heat and vibration break down the insulation of the windings until it shorts out inside.....

Thanks for the replies guys, I'm itching to get the stator back and put it back on and fingers crossed that will solve the issue. Can't wait to get back on the bike. I will update with the outcome. It's been stressing me, so thanks again guys.

What would cause repeated stator failure?

im sure the spark plug not seated fully contributed to the issue, your gonna go back with new plug right? As for the stator....who knows? why was it pulled to begin with? Anytime something is repaired theres a chance it will fail again.....thats just mechanical law of physics.......and Luck or lack thereof.....

Yeah, I've bought a new plug but haven't fitted it yet. Will I need to check the clearance? Suppose a stator continuously goes wrong, I'm guessing the answer is buy a new one right? Any ideas what the neutral switch is for?

The guy from the stator shop just called me, he said the stator has been damaged due to it being poorly fitted. He says that it was too close to the flywheel. Can anyone shed some light on this? Gonna cost me £100 to repair.

Jam you can go to ebay. Here is an example http://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-Kawasaki-KX-250F-KXF-250-stator-and-cover-/181109940974?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a2afe62ee&vxp=mtr

The part # is 21003-0048. It fits the KX250F from 2005-2008. Retail new is around $300 US. e-bay used today ranges from just under $100 US to around $150. Not sure what the damage is, or what it would cost to repair one, or whether you are referring to pounds or euros? Anyway, if it solves your problem, it's not that expensive either way. Hope it does!

Thanks dragon, that's a good price but take into account shipping its about 100 uk pounds. Thanks anyway dragon.

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