2004 = 2005?

Two questions. I have a 2004 Honda crf450r and was wondering best place to order a full sticker kit online for my bike? And is the plastics on the 2004 same as the 2005? I tried google but no luck.

no, 2002-2004 are the same. they changed a few things on the 2005 including the plastics.

as far as where to look, there isn't much out there for the early models. I have an 02 and bought some late last year from ebay, more choices there than anywhere else I checked..

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Any chance you know if the 05 plastics are bigger? Might just order a set of stickers and trim them down haha. Didn't really find any on eBay I liked

They're completely different. The holes for the bolts on the shrouds are in different places and the side number plates noticeably different as well. You can try and fit it, but it'd be better to just get graphics for the year you have, less room for error.

But if you do try to fit 05 graphics, post pics! I'm kinda curious.

Throttle Jocket and Factory FX still sell graphics kits for all model year CRF's, just to name a couple off the top of my head

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One industries is another option

I can't find one I like... I just want a rockstar and or metal mulisha graphic kit. It's eather they don't make it for a 04' or its just the tank shroud and air box. I'm looking for a full kit but still no luck :(

Problem solved! I gave up on looking online for a decal kit for my bike haha went to Honda today and they put a thick book of sticker kits in front of me... Ordered the one I like, should be in tomorrow! Will post pics

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I like your bike, but I like that it's covered in mud and in the back of a truck even better!


Thanks man. It was a good day of riding until my chain broke and buddy came and picked me up in his truck haha

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