Carb swap info

So I got a FCR 39 from an 03 400E that I'm going to put on my S. Is there anything I should do to it/check before I put it on or just leave it stock?

You should make sure it has the correct jetting, other then that, im not sure, i do not have one of those FCR 39'S.

yet. :D

Jetting seems straight forward. But then there is the o-ring mod, the AP mod, and the coast enricher mod. Are these needed? And is there and parts that need cleaned or replaced as regular maintenance?

O ring mod is not applicable for the E model Fcr....The "Eddie mod" is....

With 3x3, near sea level..check the carb has these settings.....

160 main jet..... (not stock)

200 main air jet (stock)

60 pilot air jet ..(stock)

EMN needle clip 3 or or JD Blue needle clip 4 or stock DXP needle clip 5 (in order of preference)

45 pilot jet..(stock)

2.25 turns fuel screw

Optional ,but recommended ,are the following..

1) Remove Coast enrichener ...Join the ports on the carb with a left over piece of hose and cap the port on the head..http://www.thumperta...29#entry9885029

2)Do the Eddie Mod....http://www.thumperta...light=eddie mod

3)To make easier pilot circuit tuning I recommend u get a R&D Flex Jet remote fuel screw...

You will need to slightly enlarge the fuel screw orifice on the bowl.,(with a drill) to install the Flex Jet...http://shop.thumpert...w-p4172471.html

Awesome Craigo, thanks for the info! I've been digging for a couple hours now and it's confusing with the different carbs and kits and mods out there.

Can't wait to get this puppy on!

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