50 vs 110 questions..

I have a drz70 right now, and theres no aftermarket parts available. Plus It runs like crap.

So I have a few questions on bikes. Looking at Crf50,TTr50, Klx110, and TTR110. Just need a bike to cruise around with my son when hes riding his pw50.

How slow are the 50's compared to the 110's? Not trying for top speed, just looking to be able to go up hills an stuff.

My main questions is I see alot of of these bikes that are modded out already for the same price as a stock one. Should I choose one modded already or stay with a stock one for reliability? I figure alot of the modded ones have probaly received some abuse.

Get the KLX110

ive got a buddy with a crf 50, 3 speed semi-auto. he weighs about 120-130 and the bike will not pull him up a mild hill. get the 110

I've got a KLX 110 that I use to chase my daughter on her PW50. It will easily pull my 185# butt up a pretty steep hill.

I say go as big as youre wiling to pay. You can always change sprockets to adjust the gearing you want.

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Went with a crf50, its alright, itll do until I find a 110. I keep popping &%$#@!ing tires though.

A huge factor is the size of the rider, taller dudes like the klxs, smaller dudes like the crfs. Just preference of the rider, there both really solid. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1371607158.100579.jpg

5,9, 175 lbs, 1.5" frame extension. This little guy rips!!!

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