New to forum - XR100 questions

Howdy y'all,

I just got my boy a little 1996 XR100R. It was free with some issues. So far the issues have been:

1. Throttle - replaced

2. Throttle cable frozen solid - replaced

3. Clutch cable frozen solid - replaced

4. Carb - OMG - replaced

5. Tubes - replaced

6. Tires - replaced

7. Rear shock - OEM replacement sitting in garage waiting

8. Rear spring - BBR replacement sitting in garage waiting

When I bought the shock, I neglected to get new bushings top and bottom and did not think I would need an upper shock collar. Do I?

It looks like if I move the air horn from the air box I can get to the upper shock bolt, and the bottom should be able to drop out when the frame is supported. My main question is the stock shock replacement does not seem to be as long as the original, and the BBR spring is STIFF. How do I compress the spring enough to install it in the bike?

spring compressor

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