Warranty limits

Have a 5 year warranty on my 2011 s. I do better than regular oil changes by myself but I only have receipts for the oil and filter because I do them myself of course. Is that enough? Or will I need "professional" changes?

On a side topic do you guys know where to get new rear pegs, preferably longer ones.

I would assume that receipts for oil changes would be sufficent as that alway's worked for my car warrenty. keep all receipts for anything you do oil filter coolent parts everything plus wright on your receipts the milage that changes were made.

The warranty is only as good as the servicing dealer.

That said, some will push back and claim you have to prove the oil was actually changed ie a service invoice. Others will not ask about service at ll.. if they think they can get the OEM to cover the job, they take it in.

And there are places of every description in-between.

Most I have dealt with,,, receipts for the products used in the required service is good enough. Just make sure that if the scheduled serve calls for a part or supply, you have receipt for it, or narrative showing it was not needed at that inspection. (ie 12,000 miles replace brake fluid.. NOTE: Brake fluid was replaced at 10,000 miles as part of new brake lines being installed. See receipt dated XX XX XXXX for fluid and lines purchased for this service. )

Make copy's of the receipts they fade.

I just bought a drz that the po had the extended warranty . To transfer the warranty in my name Suzuki wanted to see the service records.Showed copies of the po service records done by the deler. Than made my own record where I just serviced the bike myself with receipts for the parts. Suzuki accepted my home made record and transferred the warranty in m name with no problems.

I imagine you would need receipts for genuine Suzuki parts to cover your warranty

I imagine you would need receipts for genuine Suzuki parts to cover your warranty

No sir..... not required by law.

Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act


But again, the warranty is only as good as the dealer..

So one dealer may initially deny a claim based on useing a champion plug vs a NKG with Suzuki part number... while another would have no issues..

In my experience , it is Suzuki who gives the ok for the dealer to do the work . And then pays the dealer accordingly .

In my experience , it is Suzuki who gives the ok for the dealer to do the work . And then pays the dealer accordingly .

It depends..

On the dealer and their relationship with the OEM representative and the nature of the repair, likely point of failure.

A motor that inexplicable tossed a rod though the case on a brand new DRZ400SM less than 3 months old..would likely need a manufacture warranty rep ok before repair.

A DRZ400SM 3 months old that had a stator failure, would likely be replaced at the dealer level, assuming the dealer was in good standing with Suzuki. Yes, the dealer still has to "prove" the repair was required and covered, and could be on the hook for cost if suzuki disagrees, but common, obvious warranty repairs are done routinely at the dealer level.

In Australia you will need to have you service book stamped by the dealer to keep warranty valid...

Pity you don't live in Au , I have a mate the works as a suzuki technician and we could have sorted your booklet out... :devil:

Yeah , back stamp that service / warranty book :thumbsup:

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