Bolt sizes for plastics 96 250.

Looking for some info on bolt sizes for my 96...Nothing matches so Im going to hit up tractor supply and grab some..Any help on the size would be great..And no Im not buying a bolt kit.

I always use hondaeasts website and look under oem parts and it usually gives the size. The last time I just ordered a whole plastic bolt kit off ebay for like $16

The tractor supply bolts will make your bike look like you are sponsored by Tractor Supply. Order the right stuff in a bolt kit like 223 did.

You basicly just stated that you are refusing to use the best option. It was someone who went to the tractor supply that is causing you to want to replace all your bolts. Got to and buy the tusk motorcycle bolt kit and do it right. That is a cheaper route than OEM but the bolts are all nice and there is enough to replace any crappy bolt that was put on your bike by someone going to the home depot of the tractor supply.

It was someone who tore apart microwaves and toasters that put these bolts on my bike. I purchased the same as oem between lowes and TS for around 14 bucks. I will eventually buy a bolt kit when I conpletely go through it this winter. Its only a beater until then. As of now the tractor supply bolts work fine and look fine.

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