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Honda XL125 XL185 front sprocket cover now available

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I have commissioned the manufacture of a batch of pattern Honda XL125/XL185 front sprocket covers, to replace Honda part 11361-437-010.

The covers are made in England and are heavy duty, much thicker and tougher than the original. The covers are made from superior quality LM6 solid alloy. LM6 is ductile which helps it to resist cracking and breakage. LM6 has excellent corrosion resistance, even being good enough for marine use. LM6 almost certainly exceeds the quality of the metal used to make the original Honda item.

The cover is a very good copy of the original. It is a pattern part so there will be small differences to the original Honda part, however it looks excellent when fitted.

The cover is unpainted, it will need to be painted (or polished). The cover is sand-cast which gives it a slightly mottled finish. Once the cover has been smooth painted (or polished) the mottled finish will not be apparent. I attach a photo of a painted cover fitted to a bike.

I am selling the cover direct for £53.50 plus £10 P&P (approx $97 USD).

Please note I do not accept returns. I check the sprocket cover closely before shipping. I am happy to answer any questions.

Best Regards,

Nick Capp,


+44(0)7752 503818




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I wouldn't count on getting a response. He posted that almost 5 years ago. There is an overseas phone # in his post, though. 

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