tricks to starting my 12' in gear....

I have a bone stock 2012 kx250f i race harescramble and cannot get it to start easily in gear. Anyone know any tricks or tips to be able to get it to start first kick in gear???

never been able to start a 4 stroke in gear easily, if you figure something out let me know!

My 05 was a champ at starting in gear. That was with a cheap clutch kit too. From what I hear finding TDC on the FI bikes is key for starts.

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I have a 12 also and I think it's not the best starter especially cold. I had a 12 Honda and it was easier to start then I got the Honda remapped and richened up and it was easy to start but only in neutral. I think they need the have the mapping changed a little. I have access to kawi's napping system but I don't have any experience with it. In gonna start playing around with it though and see if I can't get my 12 250f to start better.

There is just too much drag with the clutch to spin free enough. It's a crap shoot. Sometimes I can get mine to start in gear but it's too risky for a dead engine start. I always start in neutral. I nudge the kickstarter to TDC and have kickstarter all the way at the top of stroke. Then have to relax and concentrate on giving starter a full hard boot when flag flies. Then with all the noise it's hard to tell if the engine even started. I try to stay as calm as possible to avoid a hasty mistake.....

Maybe the plates are warped then. I put a cheapo Tusk clutch kit in mine when I had it. The basket was kind of notchy and definitely could have been replaced, but like i said that bike had the best operating clutch I have had yet. I always started in second gear let the clutch fly and hammer down. When the bike started it was great, usually second or third through the first corner.

give it a blip of gas when you kick it over...just a little do not want to have it kick back on you. If you time the throttle blip just right with the kick, you will be able to start it more easily when warm and in gear. It works that way for me at least.

Have u changed the fuel mapping on the bike yet? Guessing not since u say its bone stock - since the bikes come lean from the factory, I have heard that richening it up some definitely helps on starting when hot…in gear as well as not…

If you don't start in the first row make sure you kick it over after each row goes. that way you keep the cap charged up. I have a rekluse and 2 gear works great so far. Do not give it any gas till it starts.

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