New KTM owner

So I am new to KTM, and I am just getting back into dirt. I had an RM 250 for many years and sold it a while back. I just sold my Hypermotard (fun as hell) but I just really wanted to get back into MX.

I went to a local dealer and picked up a 2013 350 sxf. I thought it would be the perfect bike for my size and skill level. I brought the bike home and it had been in my garage for a day or so before I just had to go out and give it a start. I used the cold start and it powered right up. I let it go for about a minute before I turned off the cold start. It seemed to run fine for a few seconds then I went to give it a little gas and "pop" and it shut off. I started it up again and the same thing happens every time I blip the throttle. I then noticed a clear watery substance under the bike. It felt oily and it did not smell. Pardon my ignorance but should I be worried, or could it be that it has never been broken in. Any insight helps. Thanks

Definitely check and see where the oil is coming from. You need to check your idle speed. On my 13 dungey edition it is supposed to be around 2250. The dealer didn't set mine and I had the same issue with blipping the throttle and the bike dying.

Kevkev22 thanks for the advise! I just went out and adjusted the idle and she ran like a champ! The liquid was dripping from the exhaust, condensation? It was a lot. Thanks for the tip I am new to this whole 4 stroke thing and KTM's. You would think that the dealer would have that thing running tits before he kicks it out the door, but they were busy counting the $.

Dont forget to change oil after first 1h riding, do not ride more then 1-2h. Less is ok. Oil is crap that is in there, think it is ultra thin for wearing in purpose or something.

Copy that addeerickson. Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it and I look forward to running into you guys on the track or on the trails (not literally).

Congrats on the new bike! I just picked up a 2011 350 demo last night. I also had the condensation deal. Mine was coming out the the crankcase vent tube. No puddle, just a drop hanging from the tube.

I had condensation drip from my silencer too. Nothing to worry about.

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